Wednesday, January 9, 2008

a rant about military life

My husband, who for the purposes of this blog will be referred to as "Sid" or "Mr Starky" (I'll explain why later) is gearing up for a deployment. I am not privy to the exact date of departure, but I've been led to believe it's sometime after Valentine's Day. Anyway, he got home last night, and immediately launched into a rant about how the deployment might be extended, and hate, and death, and sadness rain upon them forevermore, and so on and so forth.

Wait, what? Extended? Six months isn't long enough?

He tells me that they might be leaving early. They might be coming back late. As it was, they were supposed to be back sometime in the neighborhood of August. Now they may not get back until sometime in November.

November. That's ten months, people. The longest the military can legally hold them on that boat is thirteen months, and I would not be surprised to see them push it that far. The military has assraped us at every opportunity. "Accelerate your life" my eye. More like "bend over and grab your ankles."

Rather ungraciously, my first reaction was not "oh no, I won't see him for almost a year", it was "oh, thank god we decided to hold off on having a baby."

Anyway, did you know that the military doesn't like it's enlisted members having a MySpace account? I didn't know this. Apparently they're fed the line that "the terrists" (pronunciation courtesy of Bush Co.) can find them if they use MySpace. So, in case there are any "terrists" reading, I'll just refrain from posting my husband's name, 'kay? I know this isn't MySpace, but those terrists could be reading this! shock, horror

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Roy said...

That "bend over" comment made me laugh.