Monday, January 7, 2008

a new year, a new blog

The roof is leaking again in the attic. And we had called the landlady about it before Christmas, and she didn't get back with us until just yesterday. And that was only because we decided that we weren't going to pay the rent until she at least acknowledged this shitty roof. Well, the lack of checkage certainly got her attention, and she's coming over on Wednesday. We paid the rent, too, finally.

Anyone who knows me knows that this isn't the first time we've had problems with the roof leaking. At one point, it was so bad in the bathroom that if you had to use the toilet during a rainstorm, you had to hold a bucket over your head to keep the dirty water from splashing all over you. And if you've ever tried to hold a bucket over your head with one hand and wipe your ass with the other, you know it's a really awkward situation to be in. That whole section of roof had to be replaced, along with the ceiling (water damage had made it spongy). I'm hoping that something similar doesn't end up happening again.

Yesterday, while raking the asston of leaves out of the backyard, we saw a cat that looked suspiciously like our siamese. Turns out it was Knut. That bitch has learned how to open doors. I have trouble with doors sometimes, and I have opposable thumbs, so how this cat managed it, I'll never know. Crafty bitch. She should have been a monkey.

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