Tuesday, January 22, 2008

emotions running high

I am so sick of talking about this deployment. Sick to death of it, but it's the only topic of discussion in my waking life, and so that inevitably carries over here.

Sid has been just a bit...paranoid. We have a friend, Cory, who comes over frequently to play video games with us - we bought Rock Band, and I for one love nothing so much as getting together to take on our rock personas, and our living room becomes a world where the only thing we have to worry about is a bad performance. Escapism at it's finest! Anyway, Sid's been pretty squicked about Cory lately, asking me "was he coming on to you?" Last night it was "do you like him?"

This pretty much how the conversation went:

"Do you like Cory?"

"Of course, he's our friend, isn't he?"

"No, that's not what I meant. I mean...you know..."

"Do I want to violently jump his bones?"

An uncomfortable silence, and then, "Yeah, pretty much."

And then I laughed like Lois from Family Guy, when Peter says something stupid: A chuckle, a snort, and then full blown laughter, followed by a choking incredulous, "What?"

He's understandably nervous about being away for so long, but my patience with this kind of paranoid obsession is pretty much non-existent. I haven't for one second forgotten how bad he got when he was in a-school; freaking out about me going to the local coffeehouse with Cory, to the point we had screaming matches on the phone, and I was certain he wouldn't be happy until I was a prisoner in this house. And I'm trying my best to give Sid all my understanding and love, which was all I wanted from him while he was away the last time, and something I felt I never got.

I'm trying. And I can tell that he is, too, this time. We've been through this enough times in the past that it's about damn time we got this right.

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