Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hard to believe...

...but I passed my first semester of "real" nursing school with an A.  I only achieved that A because my professor rounded my grade up: I'd actually ended the semester with a 89.6, but she gave me a 90, because apparently she liked me.  She didn't have to do it, and I know it, and I'm super grateful.

Second semester started (technically) today, but it was a snow day.  We do clinicals in a real hospital, and while I'm super excited, I'm also super-duper scared.  I felt like this last semester, too, and everything was fine in the end, even though there were days when I felt like I was going to die.  I made friends, and learned a lot, and the same will be true for this semester, too.  I'm just terrified.  Understandably.

It will be okay.  Maybe not right away, but it will be okay in the end.  I know it will.  I've made it this far, with all the stumbling blocks put in my way, and I can't quit now just because I'm scared.