Wednesday, December 28, 2011

get your nose out of my crotch

Sid and I agreed when we got married, we'd have one biological child. I felt like that was all I could handle, and if someday we wanted more kids, we would adopt. We felt like that was a good plan, one that was right for us. So now that we have our one bio kid, we've been looking at long-term contraception. I thought Sid was going to get a vasectomy, but he's had two years to get it done and is still dragging his feet.

So I decided I should get an IUD. Specifically Mirena. I don't want to deal with periods. Ever since Spagett, my periods are irregular and stupid, and I would just rather not have to deal with it at all. I cannot remember to take my morning Synthroid, so taking a birth control pill at the same time every day is beyond me. An IUD, perfect.

My doctor agreed that it was a good choice, and I am waiting for her to set up my appointment at the naval hospital to have the thing put in, but she's been giving me a lot of crap about my decision to only have one child, and it's totally unnecessary. It's entirely unwanted.

Quite frankly, it's horribly presumptuous. She tells me "oh, you can't stop at one!" Uh, yes, I can: this is primarily why I'm getting Mirena, after all. Like I don't know myself well enough to know when enough is enough. I should just keep on popping out the kiddos until I go totally crazypants, is that it? It makes me so angry.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

holy crap, IT'S ALIVE

So. It's been quite a while. More than a year. And what a year full of bullshit it's been.

Don't get me wrong, it had it's good points. It was also full of crap, too. BUT. Spagett is still full of beans. Sid is still a butthead. And I'm still a bitch. And I never thought I'd see the day where I run more in a week than Sid does (and this is not a brag on my part, this is testament to one man's laziness). But here we are!

Now that I'm through boob feeding and Spagett falls asleep pretty much on his own at night, I have much more free time and should have time to spare blogging now and again. I've just been lazy and preoccupied.