Saturday, March 29, 2008

sometimes you can't win for losing

Sid called today. First words out of his mouth? "Hey, uh, are you spending anything this weekend?"

What do you mean, Siddy?

"Are you going to be spending any money this weekend? Because Rome was expensive. So if you've got to buy something, wait until I get paid again."

OH TEH IRONIEZ. This from the man who made it abundantly clear that this deployment was the perfect opportunity to put some money away. I checked our bank balance. Last week, we had over $2,000 in there. Today? $200.

He spent at least $1,000 without batting an eye. It wasn't like he had to pay for lodging! What the hell was he doing? While I realize he wanted to have a good time, I'm sitting at home talking myself out of buying a $70 shirt! How is this fair? All the money I've taken out has been for the car insurance, groceries, and other utilities. I've not spent a single dime on a gift for myself yet.

I'm...just a little pissed off right now. Just a little. Maybe just a teeny-tiny bit. Maybe.

Was I going without just so he could buy hookers in Rome? Jesus. I was like "Sid, I need to pay the rent! I'm going to the doctor! The water bill is due!"

"Yeah, it'll be fine, I'm getting paid on, like, Monday."

So that makes his thousand dollar splurge a-o-friggin'-kay, does it?


Queermo said...

Maybe he should think twice before giving you that "long" thing with a "blade."

starky said...

He's wisely holding off on giving me that particular gift.

But who needs a cane/blade when you have a FRYING PAN O' DOOM?