Tuesday, March 18, 2008

a response for Wolfy, because I already posted once

Why Are Your Poems So Dark?

by Linda Pastan

Isn't the moon dark too,

most of the time?

And doesn't the white page

seem unfinished

without the dark stain

of alphabets?

When God demanded light,

he didn't banish darkness.

Instead he invented

ebony and crows

and that small mole

on your left cheekbone.

Or did you mean to ask

"Why are you sad so often?"

Ask the moon.

Ask what it has witnessed.

1 comment:

Queermo said...

It was stupid of me to think that you could not care about me. After all, most of my depressed journeys down the rabbit hole are irrational.

These dark moments are bound to creep upon me when I spend most of my time alone and wondering how I could be part of the human race.

Sometimes, it just seems that there must be more to life than social obedience to the norm, and it makes me sad that very few hear the moon respond on those lonely nights.