Friday, February 22, 2008


I logged into MySpace for the first time ages, because my mother had sent me an email asking when Sid was coming home, saying that my sister Jessica had told her about his deployment. Well, my first thought was "how did Jessica find out?" and then I realized that Sid had probably sent a bulletin or something to let everyone know he was leaving.

So being the masochistic bitch I am, I just had to go find it and read it for myself.

There wasn't one. But... there was a soppy little bulletin from my sister's fiance, talking about SUPPORT THE TROOPS, and I opened it. Because I am stupid. And I like to torture myself.

It was the typical MySpace SUPPORT THE TROOPS bulletin, truly, but it had music. Nickelback's "Far Away," which gets me every damn time. Oh my fucking cheese goddess, the waterworks. I cried for ten solid minutes. And I'd only heard one line of the song.

So that was my Emo Moment for today, and I'm done with crying.

For now.

I did about ten minutes of yoga yesterday before I decided that the carpet was in dire need of a vacuuming, and I simply had to stop what I was doing right then and set to. And I woke up this morning with my asscheeks and the backs of my legs giving me bloody hell. It was so encouraging, I did a full half hour today. Tomorrow, it won't feel so encouraging, I can tell that much right now.

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