Wednesday, February 13, 2008

two weeks

Sid was home for two weeks, on leave, and my hard drive fried during the same time, so yeah. Much fun. I feel like I can't blog or do any of the things I want to when he's around sometimes, because he gets to peeking over my shoulder and asking me what I'm doing...and I don't like that. Really don't like that, but no amount of asking him to stop gets it done. So I deal.

Anyway, hard drive fried. So when we ordered a new one, we just went ahead and got more RAM and a new power supply to go with it (the video card was kind of wonky with the power supply we had) and my "new computer" is quite spiffy.

Come to find out that there's a possibility the deployment isn't going to be six months. It might be three months at sea, three months back home, and then another three months back at sea. Or they might not be going out at all. The ship is slated to leave port in about a week, and nobody knows what in the motherfuck is going on. Lovely. This ranks up there with the time they called Sid the night before the boat left and told him he wasn't supposed to be aboard. Typical military bullshit.

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