Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Knut's update

I forgot to mention it, because it was so anti-climactic.

Dr Proctor kept saying her stitches would start to come out over Thanksgiving weekend and that I'd either have to take them out myself or drive out to the clinic in Powellsville to have the vet there do it, because he was going to be out of town. I said I'd do it myself and spare Knut the forty minute drive. The conehead was given the heave-ho, and we agreed that I'd bring Knut back the Monday after Thanksgiving so that he could check her eye.

But the stitches never came out. They remained firmly in place until December 1st. So Dr Proctor took them out himself. And I could see right away that Knut's eye was healed: the big ugly scratch, the ulcerated divot, was gone. The official all-clear had to wait until contrast dye was put in and the site of the ulcer had been inspected under a magnifier. But in the end, the general opinion was that Knut is fine, and the surgery worked.

But Knut is still a pirate. I don't care what anyone else says.


Queermo said...

I am glad that her eye has healed so wonderfully.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say after stumbling on your blog.....I was in the same place you were 12 years ago. DH was in the Navy and unable to get pregnant. totally sucks. i watched each one of my friends become by one by one by one! I was like the last man standing. My friends were somewhat supportive, but it bothered me. i finally got pregnant after fertility treatments (mild, just progesterone) at age 32. Things worked out. DH is retiring this year from the Navy, too. I am on my 3rd baby and he is 8 months old! Life is great!
Hang in there...