Wednesday, October 14, 2009

just call me the Bitchy Wizzle Beast

I can't stop peeing.


I wake up every hour and a half during the night to go take the hugest horse pisses, and I can't understand where all this water is coming from. Because I make sure not to drink anything after 6 pm. And yet I'm still up all night having these huge bladder-busting wees. Wizzles so big that it's physically painful to get out of bed and stumble to the bathroom, and then act of voiding pisses off my uterus and gives me braxton-hicks contractions.

Holy shit, that's a huge fucking piss.

Added to the fact that I'm barely sleeping at night with all this peeing, I'm not used to the heat and I am DYING. DYING I SAY. Tired and overheated, that's my Florida Experience so far.

I fucking hate Florida.


Riot said...

Turn on the AC.

starky said...

It is on! Meanie! The master bedroom just gets so stuffy because it's right over the garage, which isn't air conditioned. Actually, the whole upstairs is kind of stuffy, but we purchased a big floor fan and stuck it at the bottom of the stairs to blow the cool air up, and it's really helped.

We're adapting. It's either adapt or broil to death.