Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the lesser of two evils

Remember we were so worried about Sid moving to his next command in November? It is no longer an issue.

Because we're moving in October.

This is hardly much better, because now we must rush to find a house. And a doctor or midwife. Sid is taking two weeks off work for us to go down to Flori-duh and attempt to find these things. It's happening very fast: we only found out on Friday, and this coming Friday, we're starting our househunting trip. We've been trying to get the house in some semblance of order NOW, so that we don't have to worry about it later, but it's hard. We had a lot of clothes to go through, a lot of crap to sift through in the back room where we kept a lot of our clutter.

And we haven't even begun packing yet.

The move itself is going to suck, but we're going to have plenty of help, so it won't be unbearable. Sid's dad (Elder Manson) and my dad (Elder Baldwin - don't even ask) are both going to come to assist. And also, our neighbors here will help, because we helped them move in. And then when we get to Flori-duh, my sister said she'd also come and lend a hand.

So I think we'll be okay. Moving in October, though it puts us on a tight schedule to find a house, is the better alternative in my mind. This way gives us some time to settle in and unpack before Spagett arrives. We wouldn't really have that opportunity if we moved a month later.

As you can tell, I am trying very hard to focus on the silver lining.


Riot said...

I thought you were from an Amish family, not a Mormon family.

starky said...

We are from Amish stock, it's just my dad really looks like he could be a long-lost Baldwin brother!